The Project


Series of 1000 creative photographs framed for decorating.

idearia has an extensive creative photo catalogue of typography, numbers and textures for you to combine to your taste. Names of people, special dates, favourite numbers, company names, favourite places, etc.
There are endless combinations for you to choose from.
All the idearia white frames have been treated and painted by hand.

The photographs are printed on special 200g ecological stone paper.
There is a single size of 30cm x 30cm, unless you want a special format.
Ask us for a sample of “your name, chosen word or sentence” and we´ll send it to you by e-mail in 24 hours, even retouched onto a photographed wall if you enclose one.

We have all the numbers and letters in the alphabet in stock.

We sell only to order at the price of €29 each.
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